Happiness starts with RESPECT

THE LAST BULLY is a great tale to teach a lesson about one of the biggest issues around.  Hugo and his friends manage to show the bullies that there's always a bigger fish in the sea and that happiness comes from respecting others, not bullying them. This is a confidence-boosting book for children, showing them that being different is OK and the best way to deal with bullies is to tell someone about it.

The Workbook and Coloring Book is written for grades 1-3, yet accessible for younger kids and appealing to older children and offers word searches, mazes, writing prompts, math problems and other fun activities for children. The book is flexibel, engaging and hands-on, made for parents/ children, schools, youth groups, counseling groups and after-school programs.

Great Book for All Ages!
ByLife as Leelson
Aside from the fact that the kids renamed him Huge-oh, they seemed to really like the book.
Buddy looked through it first. (He doesn't ready yet so he just looks through it and tells me he likes it.)
Buggy read it and said she liked it and recapped it for me. That was about all I got out of her. (Lucky me.)
I have to say - I loved Hugo the Happy Starfish!
I love starfish. I love all ocean life. We love fish in this family! So the whole starfish, ocean life, etc. was a big winner right off the bat.
Bullying is something I take very, very seriously in my home and we have taught the kids from a very young age about bullying. Hugo the Happy Starfish really helped instill what we say.
I think this is a great book for all kids and will be looking for The Last Bully for both of my kids' classrooms. It really does teach a great lesson that all kids need to be taught - bullying is not nice!

A library must have!
ByApril Mon
This book demonstrates to kids that you have to stand up for what you believe in and protect those close to you as they would protect you. I would highly encourage this book in anyone's library.

My son and I love this book
My son and I love this book. He is only 6 and had to deal with a bully already. I know some people think this book is a little preachy and they would have liked it relax on the word bully but the thing is if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, they chances are it's a duck.
If it's a bully, you call them a bully. There is a difference in just being mean and being a bully. I like this book, it was easy for me and my son to talk about what bullies are and what they do and how to stand up for yourself. I was able to talk about the subject without really having to pull teeth.

THE LAST BULLY by Suzy Lieberman is another excellent book. Standing up to bullies is the hardest thing to do by yourself. By standing collectively and addressing the behavior of the bully, Hugo delivers a powerful message. Children need to know there is a way to stop the bully. Not feeling alone while enduring abuse is the greatest gift a child can have. Knowing someone defends them and encourages their positive attributes is like a breath of fresh air. Hugo does this through the Anti-Bullying Club.
Suzy Liebermann had done it again through her series of Hugo the Starfish and his friends in a striking colorful book. This is a timely book with the suicides of grade school children who are bullied and feel there is no other way out.

Hugo the Starfish was swimming through the ocean on day when he came upon two of his friends Clooney the clownfish and Bandit the Barracuda. Bandit was making fun of Clooney calling all kinds of names. Hugo got upset by this and decided to start an anti-bulling club with Clooney. This club helps stand up to the bullies showing them that it does not feel good to be made fun off.

I love this series. I think that they are an excellent way to teach children about their feelings and different problems that might arise.

I am a lover of books! I love reading and everything that you can gain from picking up a book. Words can be fascinating and I love learning all their meanings. As a mom I find that it is very important to get your child into books early on so they grow to love them. My son adores books and was excited to have this book in his collection.

"Respect! Don't Bully!..."
ByMegan Strongon
Bullying is always an important issue for children and adults. A good lesson to teach children while they are young. Through the creative use of a cute array of colorful sea creatures, children can see how bullying can impact others around them. This book will help those who don't know quite how to tackle this subject get a start. This is definitely a must for children growing up today and can prompt a good discussion with older children about how to handle bullies and how to avoid becoming one themselves.
The Last Bully teaches children that bullying is not fun. No matter how highly you think of yourself you are not better than those around you.

Respect everyone of every shape, size, color, age, and species. A very very important lesson for young minds.

 I believe bullying is a big problem in this world so I love the message of The Last Bully. The Last Bully is about learning to respect others because there are always bigger fish in the ocean and what goes around comes around. This is one of my favorite books by Suzy Liebermann. I love that this book teaches children about bullying and helps children learn about respect because that is very important. What a great book!

Great Book for Elementary Students!
ByShawnda Fortenbaughon
I read this book to my children, ages 5 and 7, to let them know about bullying, what it means, and how to spot it. The author did a good job teaching compassion and letting kids know it's not okay to bully someone. My entire family enjoyed this book.

It was an easy way to get points across about bullying.

Very nice way of teaching respect
ByAmazon Customeron
The kids and I read "The Last Bully" a children's ebook by Suzy Liebermann. It was a very cute book about Hugo the Happy Starfish. The kids listened to the whole story. Very nice way of teaching respect and a children's book about bullying!

Great Educational Book
ByHeart Zipperon
The Hugo Series are great teaching tool for building character education. The Last Bully is a great book for young children. This book teaches a lot about attitude and respect. I feel this is something that is very important to me to teach my children. The Last Bully addresses issues that children can have with friends or other kids in real life. It helps them have better ideas on learning life skills. This book teaches respect to others and how bullying can really make another feel really bad. I really like that this book has a theme of don't bully. This has been an issue that has been frequently talked about in schools the last few years. Bullying in schools has always been an issue. It is now being recognized much more as being a huge problem. Hugo the Happy Starfish The Last Bully helps children realize at a young age that bullying can be very hurtful. I really like that this book has a great message in a no tolerance toward bullying. I enjoyed reading this book to my children and I hope it helps them learn respect. I recommend this book for young children just learning about respect and how they should treat others.

Beautiful book with a great message
ByJ. Boyteron
My daughter was too young to grasp the concepts in this book, but that didn't matter. The characters are so bright and vivid, she was drawn to the story. Their expressive illustrations made it so easy and fun to read and held a 23 month old's attention!
If you're looking for a book to add to your child's reading list that will help build character, look at this one.


THE LAST BULLY is available in German, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese.

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