Princess Sophia in German:

Die Geschichte von der Kleinen Froschprinzessin Sophia gibt es nun auch in deutscher Sprache.

Reader's Voice:

... Being a mother and a kindergarten teacher, any book that teaches character education rates high with me. This book teaches children the importance of making good choices to reflect your mood. If you surround yourself with good friends and happy people, you will be full of joy as well. It also shows children how they can use their imagination to make anything happen. ... Surprisingly my boys, ages 5 and 6, like the story, too! They did not fuss that it was too girlie even once. I think that the travel to space attracted them to the plot. ...

... The illustrations are bright and colorful, the charaters are cute. The text is written in a fancy script that attracts the reader because of it's different arrangements and sizes. A lot of the story rhymes, making this an easy read aloud book. ...


A wonderful fairy tale about friendship and happiness.

Princess Sophia and the Frog is a fairy tale about a little princess named Sophia and her new friend the frog. Sophia is bored and the frog convinces her to give hime a kiss and dance with him. As a reward he takes her away on an adventures to the stars.

On her adventure Sophia learns about feelings. She also learns that she can choose what mood she surrounds herself with, as this will impact her own.

After her return to the castle she realizes that all she needs to be happy is to be surrounded by good friends.

This isn't just a typical fairy tale because it is more about friendship and happiness than love. It's a new kind of princess story that takes on old tale and puts a new spin on it.